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Indulge at the Club House & Restaurant with traditional cuisine and our high-altitude wine cellar.


Flavors of our land

Delicious and typical meals prepared with fresh ingredients from our own garden. Salta dishes carefully crafted with local products.

Our cellar.

Everything begins and ends with a fine tasting of the best wines from Salta accompanied by boards of locally produced cheeses and cured meats.
The slow and prolonged maturation of each vine configures the sacred experience of the ancient and sophisticated.
The majesty of the sunset completes the scene of a dream pairing.

A unique space to create anecdotes.

Concave openings and earthy colors, playing cards, board games, pool, guitar, and piano will accompany you in creating a perfect and memorable atmosphere.

If you wish to host a social or business event in Guachipas


Do you want to come for lunch?

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