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The beginnings

Decades ago, the engineer and founder Carlos Pérez dreamed of creating a place that combined his passion for golf in a peaceful space, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. After renovating his own home on top of the farm, where silence is only interrupted by the sound of birds and animals, he took the step that made everything make sense and dug the first three holes of the course. Later, he restored an old barn to transform it into the current club house on which he built the wine cellar in the basement. Far from what some might expect, the idea of the hotel came later, when he and his wife Josefina began to think that only that remained for the experience to be complete.

Guachipas Hotel Boutique & Golf

If anything represents Guachipas Hotel Boutique & Golf, it is tranquility. Every detail is immersed in the meaning of that word that sometimes is just the expression of a deep desire. When the founder imagined the place, he knew that the architecture had to blend harmoniously with nature. The singing of birds, the charatas and the Creole pheasants; the trot of the chuñas, the silhouette of the mountains, the shadows of the carob tree forest and the sunset were found in the silence of the evening.

The stories of the hotel and the Perez family are intertwined. The founder’s childhood was marked by golf, a sport that he loves and carries in his soul thanks to his father and mentor.

The looms

The story of the looms that now decorate the interior deserves a distinguished mention. Decades ago, Jorge Perez Rabellini, Carlos Perez uncle, drew extraordinary designs by hand that he later commercialized in Europe. Later, his family found notebooks with wonderful illustrations in his home, which today decorate our hotel in his memory.

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